AVANZI (Gio. Maria). Il satiro. Venice, Gio. Batt. Sessa & fratelli, 1587. [Bound with]: VIDA (Gieronimo). Filliria favola boscareccia. Venice, heirs of Marchio Sessa, 1587. [with]: LOMBARDI (Bernardino). L'alchimista. Venice, heirs of Marchio Sessa, 1586. [and]: BORGHINI (Raffaelo). La donna costante. Heirs of Marchio Sessa,



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Cat device of the Sessa printing family on each title-page. 4 works in one. 12mo (127 x 72 mm). 19th century sprinkled German boards, label of the Counts of Schönborn pasted on front cover.

Four important renaissance plays. I. No plays by Avanzi listed in Clubb. II. First published in 1585 (Allacci 352). Dedicated to the Academici Olimpici of Vicenza, 27 May 1585. The play was performed during Carnival on 27 Jan. 1585, in Capodistria under the rule of the Podestà, Capitano Giovanni Malpietro and the new counsellors. Sets were by Niccolò Gravise, Cavaliere and Marchese, and the actors included the author, Giacomo and Giovanni Battista Zarotti, Giovanni Maurutio, and Rimondo Pola. Clubb 874. III. First edition in 1583 (Allacci 25), this is the second edition which repeats the original dedication. IV. First edition in 1578 (Allacci), this is probably the third edition; Clubb records only the editions of 1582 and 1606.

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