[3 issues of Kogei magazine on Tea Bowls].


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First edition. 3 vols. Nos. 5, 67, 77. One of a limited edition of 600/1000 copies. 12; 12; 10 photographic plates. Japanese text. 8vo. Original decorated wrappers, slight wear but overall a very good set. 61; 85; 82(text)pp. Tokyo, Nihon Mingei Kyokai, dated: Showa 6-12, [i.e. 1931-

An attractive trio of Kogei publications centring around the theme of tea, which forms a significant part of the seminal mingei text, The Unknown Craftsman. 

The founding principle of the mingei movement was to draw attention to everyday objects, celebrating the high level of craftsmanship upheld by ‘unknown craftspeople’. This term was coined by Yanagi Soetsu, the pioneer of mingei philosophy and practice, alongside ceramicists Hamada Shoji and Kawai Kanjiro, who together edited and produced the Kogei (Craft) publications.

The present issues relate to Korean teabowls, famous teabowls, and Hamada teabowls. Each issue in the series was produced with immense care, with particular emphasis on the use of handmade materials for the wrappers. Issues 5 and 67 are bound in katazome (stencil-dyed) cloth by Serizawa Keisuke, who was awarded Living National Treasure status in 1956 for his contribution to Japanese craft. Issue 77 is bound in lacquered paper made by the craftsperson and mingei theorist Suzuki Shigeo. Thus, each issue is not only about craft, but is a material representation of mingei sensibilities, expressed by the leading figures of the movement.

Issue 5 features an article by the potter and leading mingei figure Kawai Kanjiro on pottery finishes, complete with illustrations showing the different types of tea bowl bases. Issue 67 includes an article on Korean tea bowls of the Goryeo dynasty and Japanese tea bowls of the Yamato era, as well as an article by Yanagi Soetsu in praise of the Rinpa artist and potter Koetsu Hon'ami. Yanagi opens with the first article in issue 77, in which he writes about his friend Hamada Shoji in relation to tea bowls.


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