Le Congres de Pekin.



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Large mezzotint print measuring 61x43,5cm, facsimiles of signatures in the lower margin of the print. Laid down on cardboard, repaired tears, some light surface staining, but overall in very good condition. [Paris], 

An extraordinary mezzotint after a photograph documenting the signing of the Boxer Protocol on September 7, 1901. It shows from left to right: F. M. Knobel of the Netherlands ; Komura Jutaro of Japan ; G. S. Raggi of Italy ; Maurice Joostens of Belgium ; C. von Walhborn of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; B. J. Cologán of Spain; M. von Giers of Russia ; A. Mumm pour of Germany; Ernest Mason Satow of Great Britain; W. W. Rockhill of the USA; P. Beau of France, Lian Fang in the shadow, a senior Zongli Yamen official, Li Hongzhang, the most eminent power broker in China, Superintendent of the Northern Ports, and Governor General of the province of Chihli, & Yikuang first Prime Minister of the Imperial Cabinet, aka Prince Qing.  "450 million taels of fine silver (around 18,000 tonnes, worth around £10billion in todays money) were to be paid as indemnity over a course of 39 years to the eight nations involved." 

Unrecorded. We have not been able to identify the signature of the artist on the plate. E. Meileuramie


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